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Are you frustrated with hauling companies that don't meet your requirements? How often have you paid extra wages waiting for late arrivals. Even no shows are not uncommon in this industry ... meaning your equipment arrives a day or two late. Serving the construction trade we know timing is critical for you to stay on budget and meet construction timelines. You can feel comfortable knowing that Flint and Doyle are uniquely qualified to get deliveries done on time like no other company in Southwest Florida.

We get there on time - every time. Heavy hauling of construction equipment and supplies is what we do. We can often respond within a few hours to meet those demanding and stressful turn around times that sometimes happen. We can respond like no one else can with same day deliveries. Flint and Doyle have been serving contractors and supply houses for over 50 years - You can depend on us to get the job done right.

Our fleet has over 25 vehicles - 9 heavy hauling tractors for moving the largest of construction equipment. If it's over sized - over weight - over height we can handle it and we can do it quicker than anyone else. We have 17 tractors with over 35 beds for moving all types of construction material, supplies and equipment.

Experienced Staff - Our staff consists of experienced drivers and contractors with more than 50 years combined experience in serving the construction industry. No job is outside our skill sets. As a second generation family owned business Flint and Doyle are unsurpassed when it comes to knowledge and experience to meet any need.

Competitive Cost and Pricing When you calculate the lost revenues and over expenses from down time and delays no-one competes with us on the cost of our moving services. Call on us when you need dependable on time competitively priced hauling, we will meet your needs like no one else can.

As industry leaders Flint and Doyle's heavy hauling and structural moving team and equipment are unparalleled. We move anything regardless of size, shape, weight, age or distance. Although based in Fort Myers, Florida we serve clients all throughout the state and across the country. We are confident that we can meet what ever need or challenge you face. Call us today. 800-334-2192

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