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Flood Prone Property Elevation Moves

Is your property in need of meeting new strict flood zone requirements? Are you concerned about the risk of flooding or the complete destruction of your property from ocean front storms? Some insurance companies will not insure properties that are too low in flood zone areas.

Flood Zone Restrictions - Do you need to elevate your property to meet zoning restrictions or insurance concerns? Flood zone restrictions and property elevation requirements is a fast growing need in hurricane prone areas like Florida and other coastal areas throughout the country. Some homeowners are unable to get insurance because of not meeting current zoning regulations, often elevating the structure will meet these requirements.

Add Value To Your Home - You can add a second story to your home to increase your square footage of living space and to add value to your home with our elevation projects. Raising a structure removes the need for demolishing and rebuilding the roof and removes the need for strengthening the existing structure.

Add A Cellar or Garage - Want or need a garage but don't have the room on your property? By raising the structure up you can add a cellar or install a garage, this will add significant value to your home, well above the cost of raising the structure.

Permits and Zoning Advantages - By raising your structure you can minimize zoning restrictions and requirements that can be timely and costly when trying to ad an addition or stand alone garage or other structure.

At at Flint and Doyle we have the equipment that will lift, balance and support your structure regardless of the size or shape. Our highly sophisticated equipment with weight balancing sensors enables us to get the job done right regardless of the shape, size, weight or location.

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